Research: Augmented Body


“Tasting the Light: Device Lets the Blind “See” with Their Tongues”

The concept of “seeing with your tongue” really inspired me. There are new innovations on the rise that give people the ability to see. Finding a way to give sight to the blind has proven to be a difficult task among scientist but they have come up with creative ways to make this possible. Basically, with this invention, people are able to see using signals that are sent to the tongue via a system of electrodes that sit on the tongue. Each electrode corresponds with a set of pixels, some pixels send a strong pulse while others send no signal. The information from these signals is then sent to either the brain’s visual cortex or its somatosensory cortex (it is not known for certain).


“10 Body Parts Science Is Replacing”

This article discusses how parts of the body that no longer work, are becoming frail, or are damaged can create a way for science to move in and replace parts of the body and allow us the ability to ­experience things we otherwise would not be able to.­­ Things like prosthetic hands, supersensitive skin, noses that smell disease, and artificial eyes are just a few of the ways that our bodies  can be augmented in to doing new and crazy things. I used this as a reference when trying to decide how technology can interact with the body.


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