Logo Heist

I looked into the cultural values of different companies and wanted to expose companies that practiced poor labor laws and/or health risks to humans and the environment. I found several companies that weren’t ecologically efficient as well as many that had poor labor practices. I have been familiar with companies like as Nike that have low wages for their overseas employees, both young and old, but I wanted to dig deeper. I found that companies like Nestle, Walmart, and Hanes all have this unfortunate practice.


I also looked into Monsanto, an agricultural company that uses GMO’s and lies about the effects. The pesticides that Monsanto produces can cause cancers, skin disorders, spontaneous abortions, premature births, and damage to the gastrointestinal and nervous systems.  I illustrated this by making the logo say “Must Say No” because it has the same number of syllables as Monsanto and I played with the plant they have in their logo to look like it is taking over as a genetically modified vegetable would.

20150309_165136 monsanto


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