Radical Cartography

I am part of a family of artists. My dad and all of my older siblings are “right brained” and access their creativity on a daily basis. I believe that this is how I got my artistic ability and my love for the arts. For me this project is personal and involves my journey to get where I am today in the arts at K-State and where I will end up in the future. I made a list as far back as I can remember of how I became interested in art.

Home (art with dad)

Preschool (art as favorite subject)

Gradeschool (art classes, art camps)

Gradeschool-highschool-trips to art museums, art featured in State Fair shows

High school art classes

College tours to choose the best art program (high school)

College- freshman, sophomore, junior year art classes

Scholarships won from artwork

Graphic design studio tour visits to figure out where I want to end up (Nashville, KC)

Where do I want to end up?

Essentially, this map will be a deconstructed map of my journey with the arts. I am originally from Hutchinson Kansas but my art has taken me to different parts of state and even out of state. I will deconstruct the maps of these different areas that art has taken me and place them in order with where my journey started all the way up until the present.


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