Exercise 4 Low Tech Communication

I worked with Shea and Laura on this project. We came up with an idea that uses no form of verbal communication or noise but instead our sense of touch and sight. We demonstrated this exercise at a much closer distance than 600 yards to show just how it works.

We created two boards that attached 5 colored strings. Each string designated several letters of the alphabet:

Red string: A-E

Yellow string: F-J

Green string: K-O

Blue string: P-T

Purple string: U-Z

The sender plucks the string that corresponds with the message they want to send. The strings are color coordinated to make it easier for both parties to decode the message. For example, if the sender wanted to say “Hi” they would first pluck the yellow string three times and the yellow string again four times. Since these two letters are on the same string the sender would have to take a slight pause in between the “H” and the “I”.

This sort of long distance communication requires a lot of concentration from both parties to obtain complete accuracy. It is important the sender plucks at a speed that the receiver can accurately see. It is also crucial that the receiver pays very close attention to ensure that they receive all the signals. A third person is available on the receiving end to write down messages as they are being received.

img_96521 img_9651 img_9649


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