Radical Cartography Final

I made my radical cartography project personal to me and my experiences with art. Art has been the most influential thing in my life and I wanted to track where I began my journey with art, starting as far back as I can remember as a child and ending with present day. Even though my project is personal to me, I made my map easy to use for others to read. I also made a key that allows the viewer to better understand what each location means to me and my journey. the white dots are the locations that aren’t the most influential  to my journey but still very important. The red dots are what I consider to be influential to my journey. The purple dots are the most influential. I wanted to put the locations in order from where I started to where I finished so I numbered them from 1 to 14. Also, I deconstructed the maps so that they are closer together, because each of these locations have made my interest in art stronger.

This is the list of locations I have included:

1st- Hutchinson Kansas- my house in Hutchinson (art with dad)

2nd- Hutchinson, Kansas- Candy Lane Preschool (art at school)

3rd- Hutchinson, Kansas- Main Street (artwork displayed at the Art Center)

4th- Hutchinson, Kansas- Kansas State Fairgrounds (art displayed at fairgrounds)

5th- Hutchinson, Kansas- Graber Elementary (art classes)

6th- Hutchinson, Kansas- Hutchinson Middle School (7th and 8th grade center art classes)

7th- Hutchinson, KS- Hutchinson High School (art classes and art shows)

8th- Hutchinson, KS- Fairgrounds

9th- Manhattan, KS- visiting campus for architecture (junior year)

10th- Hutchinson, KS- Hutchinson High School (art scholarship)

11th- Manhattan, KS- enrollment at Kansas State University art program

12th-Lawrence, KS

13th- Nashville Tennessee- (various studios visited)

14th- KC- studios visited

This is the final product:



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