Changes to Improbable Monument

I have decided to change my idea a little. While there are many causes of deforestation, I decided to narrow it down to palm oil. Essentially, palm trees will serve as a visual of the harmful things that humans are doing to the planet.

Instead of having a permanent monument, I decided to make it a sort of greenhouse monument that will house the type of palm trees that were destroyed to create palm oil. I will keep with the idea of having the greenhouse placed in the middle of deforestation. A new factor is the cost of soil that is able to sustain the palm trees after the previous soil was rendered useless from the burning of the palm trees on that land. Since this patch of land will be relatively small, it will not serve as a home for the animals that lost their home due to the burning of palm trees but instead it will serve as a reminder of effects of and what humans are stealing from our planet for items that are unnecessary.


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